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International DLG Prize

German version

The advancement award for junior staff in agriculture and the food industry

Every year the DLG awards scholarships for further education to young professionals in agricultural and nutrition sciences aiming to foster personal and professional development.

Winners 2023               Winners 2020

Why should I apply for the International DLG Prize?

The International DLG Prize is awarded in two different categories:

  • Junior prize for young professionals aged between 18 and 24
    2,500 € for further education during vocational training
  • Further education prize for young professionals under 36
    4,000 € to help you broaden your expertise, share your experience and extend your professional qualifications

Do you feel like actively enganging in discussions, changing things and shaping ideas? Are you looking for contacts and networks that will help you do so? Then apply for the International DLG Prize now.

Who can apply for the International DLG Prize?

You can apply for the International DLG Prize if...

  • you are under the age of 36
  • you have practical experience in agriculture or the food industry - including both upstream and downstream activities
  • you actively volunteer
  • you are open-minded and outgoing beyond national borders and like to think outside the box
  • you have a clear goal in mind

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